What is going on?

By: C.A. Teunis


We see a great urge for unity with churches who left us in unfaithfulness in the years 2005-2008.
Deputies of De Gereformeerde Kerken (DGK) and Gereformeerde Kerken Nederland (GKN) are having discussions about authority of Scripture, the foundation of the church, dealing with Scripture-critical ideas. This showed a large degree of agreement. Deputies have indicated that there is happiness that both churches wish to stand on the same foundation.


Striving for unification DGK – GKN
We see that the discussion between DGK and GKN continues about “the catholicity of the church”.
If it is right, deputies DGK should testify that Reformed confessors have already confessed for hundreds of years what the catholicity of the church is: the pure preaching of the gospel, the pure administration of the sacraments and the exercising of Church discipline for correcting  and punishing sins (Belgic Confession, Art. 29). The Son of God gathers, defends and preserves for Himself a church through His Word and Spirit in unity of the true faith (Lord’s Day 21 – Book of Praise 1984).
That true faith rejects the possibility that the days of creation may have taken longer than 6 days of 24 hours and rejects the view that death was already in the world before sin (Rom. 5:12).
Despite the tolerance of errors in the GKN, the discussion continues.
Were the deputies of DGK really crystal-clear in their talks? Where is the call to reform?


Striving for unification GKv – NGK
We see similar attempts for unification between the Reformed Churches, lib. (GKv) and the Netherlands Reformed Churches (NGK): Unity at the cost of the truth.
What has come of the NGK after the schisms of 1967 and the following years?
Have the NGK ever taken any notice of the urgent call to reform from GS Hoogeveen 1970?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
And which way are the GKv currently going?
They are bowing to the NGK, indicating that they are most eager to unite, and are accepting errors.


God is faithful
We observe that only recently it was said of a faithful church of DGK, on incorrect grounds, that it had placed itself outside the bond of churches (see the notes ‘Credentials, Cooperation and Suspension’).
This is remarkable. Then comes the question: What is going on? Also unity, with toleration of errors? If DGK and GKN continue with their current policy, we fear the unity that awaits us.

The Lord Jesus has taught us:
‘Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown’ (Rev. 3:11).
‘They will put you out of the synagogues’ (John 16:2).
And also:
‘Woe to him through whom they do come!….’ (Luke 17:1,2).

We want to warn our brothers and sisters. We are thankful and draw courage, for we may sing:

To His people, who revere Him,
Has the LORD His friendship shown,
And He will to all who fear Him,
Make His steadfast covenant known.
With a confidence complete,
Toward the LORD my eyes are turning.
From the net He’ll pluck my feet;
He will not despise my yearning.’            (Psalm 25:7, Book of Praise, 1984)