Welcome to this webpage! In this first English language post we will provide some information on who we are.


Semper Reformanda
This website is a personal initiative by members of De Gereformeerde Kerken and aims to support continual reformation of the church by the publication of articles on theology and church issues.

Ecclesiastical developments in recent years have taught us that reformation alone is not enough, but that continual reformation is necessary, by which the Church maintains the Scriptural doctrine and practice. The name of this website is derived from the Latin phrase Ecclesia Reformata Semper Reformanda: reformed, and always being reformed.


Historical background in the Netherlands
In 2003 and 2004, in the Netherlands a church federation called “De Gereformeerde Kerken (hersteld)” [translated: The Reformed Churches (restored)] was formed. This reformation has its background in unbiblical decisions made by synods of the Gereformeerde Kerken vrijgemaakt [translated: Reformed Churches (liberated)]. These unbiblical decisions concerned the fourth commandment (Sunday as a day of rest no longer a divine command), Scripture criticism (accepting sister churches allowing Scripture criticism), and the introduction of unbiblical hymns.

In 2017 and 2018, deformation again became visible in De Gereformeerde Kerken (hersteld). On 31 August 2017, the classis North-East decided to place the church of Mariënberg outside the federation. On 16 December 2017 the general synod spread a publication with ungrounded accusations towards the church of Mariënberg -accusations that went against the ninth commandment (‘my neigbour’s honour and reputation’). These developments led to concerns among brothers and sisters nationwide, and at several places to a liberation, see e.g. the article Liberation in Bergentheim-Bruchterveld.


Historical background in Canada
In 2007, the Liberated Reformed Church at Abbotsford (British Columbia, Canada) was instituted. The reformation leading to this Church has its background in unbiblical decisions made by synods of the Canadian Reformed Churches, a sister church of the Gereformeerde Kerken (vrijgemaakt). These unbiblical decisions concerned intercommunion and pulpit exchange with Presbyterian or Reformed churches that maintain unscriptural views concerning the standards for membership in the church, the supervision of the Lord’s supper, the covenant of grace, the assurance of faith, the visible and invisible church, and the pluriformity of the church.


Under the tab “Over ons” (About us) some links provide more information on De Gereformeerde Kerken and the Liberated Reformed Church at Abbotsford.