The Westminster Standards on the Assurance of Faith (2)

In this second installment, we will discuss a Presbyterian explanation of the Westminster Standard’s teaching on the assurance of faith. We will mainly follow the commentary on the Westminster Confession by Presbyterian theologian A.A. Hodge (1823-1886).[1] Other commentators on the assurance of faith in the WS basically follow the same explanation.[2]     Full assurance […]

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The Church and the Confession

The confessions are of great importance for the true Church; together in unity we express our faith with Jesus Christ our Head. While digging through some old documents we came across this following article, which so clearly explains the importance and place of the confessions. While the name of the author is not known with […]

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Welcome to this webpage! In this first English language post we will provide some information on who we are.   Semper Reformanda This website is a personal initiative by members of De Gereformeerde Kerken and aims to support continual reformation of the church by the publication of articles on theology and church issues. Ecclesiastical developments […]

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