Incorrect information and Refutation

By: C.A. Teunis   Introduction This annotation gives ten forms of Incorrect information that can be heard concerning De Gereformeerde ...
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A Short Summary – about the continuation of the church of Mariënberg

The short summary below discusses the continuation of The Reformed Church of Mariënberg (and environs). We would also like to ...
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Justification – by DGK Marienberg

On the website of DGK Mariënberg, a Justification has been published in Dutch. On this website, an English version of ...
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Liberation in Dalfsen

On 1 March 2018, brothers and sisters of DGK Dalfsen (and surrounds) have liberated themselves. The declaration of these brothers ...
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David’s Harp But Not His Psalm

This passage, which is originally entitled “Wel Davids luit, niet Davids lied”, has been translated from: K. Schilder, Om Woord ...
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